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DIY Headband Elastic by the Yard

Giving your darling baby girl a unique accessory requires some creative thinking. Baby elastic headband supplies from Pampered Princess Pretties allows you to be as innovative as possible. Choose from 1/8-, 1- or 2-inch-wide elastic lace for headbands made in distinct colors. In fact, every color of the rainbow is represented in our stock. Add nearly any accessory to the headbands, from ribbons to flowers. Everyone will fall in love with your little girl.

The elastic headband material is incredibly stretchy and comfortable on the scalp. Babies without any hair won't notice the bulk elastic headband ribbon wrapped around their heads. Complete your project with a DIY headband elastic by the yard. Buy only what you need to make your darling girl a princess.

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Skinny 1/8" Elastic for Headbands & Crafts 1" Lace Elastic for Headbands & Crafts 2" Lace Elastic for Headbands & Crafts
Sold by the yard. Sold By The Yard. Sold By The Yard.