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Your elastic headband is all measured out for your beautiful child, but there's something missing on the lacy accessory. Don't forget to get your creative juices going by adding headband embellishments to your projects. The accessory shapes are perfect for young girls who want some craft bling on their heads. Anchors, buttons, tiaras and sports symbols are all available through Pampered Princess Pretties.

Button embellishments come in a variety of sizes too. Choose from 13-, 20-, 23-, 24-, 25- and 26-millimeter diameters. These craft studs might have metal or glitter features. Rhinestone embellishments are designed to look flashy, so add a dozen or more buttons to your headbands today. You also have the choice of using flower embellishments for crafts other than headbands. Crafting has no limits with our colorful inventory.

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Bling Anchor 20mm Glitter Button Anna 13mm
1.25"x1" Sold Invidivually. Sold Individually
Slider - Star Metal Bella-20mm AVERY BUTTON 23mm
Sold Individually.
Acrylic Bella 23mm WT Pearl Ariel Button 24mm Anna 25mm
Vintage Rose Button Slider - Tiara Mini Slider- Tiara
Button - Sofia 20mm Button - Sofia 26mm Bling- LG PRINCESS TIARA
Sold individually
Sports Slider
Sold Individually.